This is an Invoicing/Billing System with periodical reports as necessary.

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the System to suit to your Business yourself.

The system is applicable to Sales Centres, Shops, Hotels, Restaurants or any other dealers with goods or services.

If satisfied with the system, you can continue and if not you can abonden.

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Objectives of This application is fulfiling documentary evidence on all transactions with issue of Invoices, Instantanious check on Stocks in hand and Obtaining periodical reports on all issues/sales etc..


At the begining you are required to feed Details of names of items/goods or names of services into database. Once those data fed into database it will ready to issue/prepare an Invoice.


1. Printing Invoices - Invoice includes Company Name, Address, Contact Number, Details of goods sold, Values, sales information etc.
2. Stocks Balance - On every sale or isue of goods Stock Balance will be updated and shown.
3. Sales Reports - Periodical sales reports can be veiwed and printed.